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We have a highly skilled team who can provide a wide range of services from diagnosis to treatment.

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Presbyterian Heart and Vascular Care’s cardiologists (also known as heart doctors) care for disorders of the heart. Our heart specialists diagnose and treat heart failure, coronary disease, valvular heart disease, heart rhythm disorders, and more–all at convenient locations throughout New Mexico.

We perform diagnostic tests and procedures to help us form an accurate diagnosis and create individualized treatment plans. We treat common heart problems, such as angina, artery problems, atrial fibrillation, valvular heart disease and heart failure, as well as rare forms of heart disease. Our cardiologists use a wide range of treatment options, depending on your diagnosis. These may include lifestyle modification recommendations, medications, and procedures. Our cardiologists work closely with our team of cardiovascular surgeons for cases in which surgery is the best treatment option.

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Presbyterian has a wealth of highly skilled doctors and advanced practice clinicians throughout New Mexico who specialize in heart and vascular care, from diagnosis to treatment. Find a heart and vascular doctor near you.

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Presbyterian Heart & Vascular Care Providers

Our team of highly skilled doctors and clinicians offers a full range of heart-related services from diagnosis and treatment to monitoring.

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